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the future forward. >> ian: here in oakland a quick start for the steelers, ben roethlisberger couple of touchdowns to heath miller. the raiders rally, palmer, darius heyward-bey, suisham the fieldgoal they got the lead 17-14 as we get ready for third quarter action take look at the directv ultimate picture cam, carson palmer getting a little roughed up. >> dan: first are you of the day, goes 64 yards and diving through the pylon in the end zone. other than that one play, raiders offense haven't been able to do anything whether on the ground or through the air, they did take advantage of the dwyer fumble in great field position got their points off that. >> ian: ian eagle along with dan fouts number wise is lopsided in favor of the pittsburgh steelers. but raiders have had a couple of big playsa turnover the mcfadden run, oakland this is a desperate situation. >> dan: got to find some way to get to ben roethlisberger. you can see the turnovers and points off, both teams have been able to capitalize on that. roethlisberger has thrown the ball 31 times in the first half. i don't think h
back away from the line of scrimmage, penetration now we've got steeler hurt at the bottom that have pile. i just don't understand that call at all when you're so close to the goal line. >> ian: injury on the play, will allen the veteran safety. annou. it starts with brothers. not the ones who share your dna. the ones you choose. the ones who haven't called you by your real name in years. who know the story behind a broken bone, an ill-advised tattoo or why you have a weakness for women named jennifer. add a round of miller lite, and you've got miller time. because everything's better over a great beer. a light beer that's never light on taste. it's not just a good time. it's miller time. a light beer that's never light on taste. ian steelers medical staff checking the head of will allen he took the brunt of the hit with the collision with darren mcfadden right at the goal line. raiders now a third and goal from the one. trailing by ten. fakes the hand off, palmer looks, he throws for the touchdown. richard gordon, oakland cuts in to the pittsburgh lead. carson palmer connects with t
are touchdown pass. steelers led 17-14 at the half. steelers extend their lead to start the fourth. hayward bay gets drilled, he was knocked unconscious, after a 12 minute delay gives the thumbs- up and taken to local hospital the game went on. palmer under pressure, denarius more polymer's third touchdown of the game next possession ben nemerov was berger finds antonio brown brown loses the football. the raiders get a field goal and tie the game at 31. a minute left raiders forced upon drive the ball downfield. they get in to sea bass territory bring on sebastian jankowski 44 yds out the kid is good. the time expires the raiders beat the steelers 34-31 during >>> i thought darren played well he's an expose explosive player >>> like you saw today it takes one crease for daring to get an opportunity to break run we have confidence in him i thought offense played of standing. >>> the last time the 49ers played in minneapolis they were underdog and brett favre through the last-second touchdown today they were favored, jim harbaugh talked-about he wanted to avoid the so-called contract game. kristy
anyway. but after beating the pittsburgh steelers, there's going to be a lot of super bowl talk around here. >> al: the two-minute warning with 1:58 left on opening night in denver. 31-19. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. america's navy. a global force for good. conversion here. the officials mistakenly called but you have to do the conversion before the two-minute warning. even at 1:58. so a blown call. what else is there? so here's your two-point conversion. with mcgahee in the backfield. manning sending his three studs out wide to the left. polamalu is going to come in and get blocked, but they keep it
. the pittsburgh steelers in this game have been turned into the washington generals, right? playing the harlem globe trotters. because all anybody wants to talk about is peyton manning. it's what we'll talk about right now. everybody wants to see him in a different uniform. how effective will he be? the town will be going crazy. what a night that's going to be sunday. >> yeah. and i got a chance to watch the game tapes, obviously, of him going along. and the first two preseason games, eh, you know, it didn't look like him. and then in the third one he took a big-time shot. just as he was releasing the ball, completed the ball down the field about 40 yards. and from that moment on it was just the peyton manning show. here he goes. the nfl, they don't give you any easy spots out there. so you're going to come back, you're going to get traded to denver. okay. we're going to give you the number one defense in all of football. here come the pittsburgh steelers. we understand james harrison even practiced a bit today too. >> right. and they're of course in a very, very tough decision where you've go
touchdowns against the steelers. untouched important the score. this after making a clutch interception with over two minutes left. broncos over the steelers 31-19 to win their home opener. kicked a field goal, lost it. 63 yards, it hit the upright. takes the lucky bounce. ties an nfl record in the fourth. returns a punt down the sidelines, 75 yards for the td. but it wasn't enough. 49ers upset the packers in green bay 30-22. in baseball the giants dominant the dodgers again. great game. four strikeouts. went deep to center for a solo home run as the giants shut down l.a. 4-0. san francisco sent their division lead by 4 1/2 games. the yankees, off the bench, hit 35th homer. derek jeter also slammed one out of the park. new york blows, 13-3. regaining sole position of first place in the american league. in tennis, novak djokovic goes for his second straight u.s. open title today against andy murray and dramatic final on the women's final. systems down. two games from losing the match but then a couple bad hits. serena answers and makes a remarkable come back. her fourth u.s. open champio
night's game against the steelers. steelers.hit natsshow it in too mo tooo- after laying on the field for more than 10 minutes.... off the field in a stretcher.. buttgave the fans a thumbs up. he's in stable condition this morning... after spending the bey was drafted from u-m-d in 2009... aad attended the mcdonogh school in ooings mills. city police are investigatingg a policc involved shooting in southwest baltimore. hhppened early this morning on potter street. police tell us that officers shot a robberr suspect after a struggle.police telllus they will give us an update on this case at 9:30... we'll bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available. help could soon be on the way for ssay-at-home parents being denied credit cards because they don'tthave their own incom. income.the consumer inancial protection bbreau is expected to propose a rule to make it easier for people without an income to qualifyyfor credit cards.currently, the law requires credit card issuers to consider applicants' individual income instead of household income when making lending decisions.
." former pittsburgh steeler hines ward is letting his real feelings about baltimore show on facebook... and they're not that bad! bad!he wrote that fans who recognized him on his flight to the ravens game last night kept telling him that they hate him.even the cleaniig lady in his hotel room said "i don't like you."but he actually had a pretty classy re. fans: i hate you too but i will miss you guys the mmst. i had a great 14-year run here and besides the super bowls, i will always cherish the ravens- steelers rivalry. thaaks for the great memories ravens fan.... can't we all just get along? (haha)" 3 he may be gone ut he's definitely not the u-s navy is allowing neil armstrong's name to live on. 3 "how ya feeling theree oh my god, my heart's going to beat out of my chest." chest." a cheetah holds a group of toorists hostage... for nearly an hour during an african safari ride. what the tourists had to do... to stay safe. --adblib weather tz-- 3 a jail in a power outage strands dozens pf people on a monorail in australia. emergency crews using herry pick
ers fan, chargers fan, panthers fan, steelers fan, let's put our allegiances aside for this video >> of course i love the steel s steelers, there is nothing else to do in western pennsylvania. >> i take that personally, guy, but he is pretty funny. i wish someone would go to a game so i could watch it on tv. >> if a stadium doesn't sell out, and often times in san diego they haven't, the game gets blacked out. if the stadium doesn't fill up, the people there can't watch it. >> we have plenty of other things to do in san diego. >> i needed something to do when unc wasn't playing basketball. >> i will take that has a compliment. >> isn't there something fun to do other than basketball and football. >> all kinds of fun stuff. let's see what he says about san francisco -- >> i just came from -- >> the best one in my opinion is coming up, we're surrounded here by a lot of cardinals fans. >> that's hilarious. >> to see what he says about your team, go to >> coming up, a booty, a cup, and take a look. >> we heard of tworking, the thing you do with your butt -- >> ye
steelers? green bay packers or new york giants? >> the pittsburgh steelers. >> like a champ. like a champ! >> look at this kid. he probably wants the jersey. the steelers, how many? >> the steelers and dallas were both in eight super bowls. they've been in the most. pittsburgh, six-pack. >> who holds the giants' all time record for the most touchdowns scored, phil simms, eli manning, alex webster or frank gifford? >> frank gifford? >> what a great answer. >> that is the best answer. >> still all time record. what did he have, 78 touchdowns? 10 extra points and two field goals. as kathie lee knows, he can do it all. >> that's the best picture of frank ever. doesn't he still hold a record at usc? >> honey, he holds lots of records. >> all right. len, thank you so much. love having you. love love love. >> thanks. >> you can watch the dallas cowboys play the new york giants tonight at 7:30 eastern on nbc. >>> how to avoid the blues, when you are wearing denim. kat is coming from across the street and we will talk about it. i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired any
year. >>> ben roethlisberger is giving money to canine units in cities where the steelers regularly play. the steelers will be facing the oakland raiders at stadium. is that what it's called? >> changes every other week. >> but any way this sunday. >> mark is here now with great news. more the giants and a's just keep those winning ways going. >> how about when barry zito the giants automatically win. who would have thought. >> it's been true the last 10 starts for him. they will push until the west is completely wrapped up. playing the rockies kind of like pushing a boulder downhill. they've beaten colorado 14 of 18. and showing his support for alex smith who is chastised by the nfl. bruce bochey sporting a san francisco giants hat. pablo sandoval his third homer in two days from the left side. three run shot his 11th and the giants are rolling. it's the attack of the killer ps. pablo and posey as buster backs i backs -- it up with a ticket to ride to left. and things are looking real cute and number one for the giant's magic number three. the well funded dodgers ready to ca
on the steelers. spots wrap is next we get that a lot... let me put you on webcan... see? hearty vegetables... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth that tastes indulgent -- but isn't... so feel free to enjoy a bowl anytime. mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. . >>> good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our early sunday edition of the sportswrap. today the raiders and steelers add another chapter to their long and storied rivalry. oakland never led in today's game, until the final second and one of the self-raiders with a long time love-hate relationship with the late al davis, marcus allen. darren mcfadden finds a hole and out races defenders for the career- high touchdown. 7-7. carson palmer with his first pass of the game intercepted, but he regroups. steelers still led 17-14 at the halftime. steelers led in the 3rd. ben roethlisberger with three touchdown passes. antonia brown recovers it and gets the touchdown, 31-21 pittsburgh. here is the play that will be replayed by the nfl. this was a violent hit that never got flagged.
. >> and the ravens and the maryland food bank are teaming up. how you could win tickets to the ravens-steelers game, next. >> the rain from a cool front missed us overnight last night but there's another system out there, we will talk more about it coming up. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> nice morning this morning. the sun is out now. before it came up this morning, just before 6:00, there was an earthquake out there, a trembler, not very strong, about 10 miles southwest of westminster in eastern frederick county. it measured 2.1 on the richter scale, happened at 5:51 a.m. the actual, where the earth moved, i guess you could say, was three miles deep. so it didn't amount to very much but it caught attention. it was enough to rattle a few dishes here and there, i guess. 2.1 is not very strong. just an interesting fact this morning to get your day started. not earth shaking weather at ocean city. a nice view of the city. scattered clouds. the cool front has passed across ocean city, moved out to sea so temperatures are settling in. 65 at b.w.i. and at
. harry has the latest on what happened. henry? >> the raiders celebrated as they upset the steelers 34-31 but the team's top receive isser missed the celebration because he's in the hospital with a neck injury. he was involved in that helmet-to-helmet hit this afternoon. we have the video to show you. it happened in the fourth quarter. the steelers defensive back ryan mundy delivered the hit. he was on the ground 12 minutes and was taken off the field on a stretcher. he gave a thumbs up as he left the field. >> i know they took him to the hospital, but what i know right now is he has concussion. i'll leave it at that. >> he was able to talk a little bit. he was able to extremities so that was a good sign. really my concern is with vhb and i'm not concerned about anything that went in to that. i have a player that i got concern for. >> well, according to the raiders, darrius heyward-bey will remain in eden hospital in castro valley overnight. doctors say he's in stable condition. we wish him the best and we will keep our viewers updated on the story. >> thank you, henry. one question fo
of the steelers players. over 60,000 fans at the coliseum as the wide receiver laid motionless on the grass. the game was stopped for about 12 minutes, but he gave the crowd a thumbs up while he was carted off the field. they went on to beat the steelers. he was released from the hospital this morning. >>> a bizarre twist of the iphone, and scott budman. scott, strange way to start this week. >> it is, scott. we believe with news from china where the phones are made. a big fight broke out from the chinese company who puts the phone and other devices together. foxcon allegedly shutting down a factory after hundreds were involved in a fight in a campus dorm. 40 people were injured. they're investigating what triggered that fight. >>> iphone sales big over the weekend but not as big as some expected. 5 mill dwrion iphones have been sold, so many they had to delay some of the shipments. apple shares down about 1.5% today as sales figures got out. >>> speaking of stock prices, google hit a new record high today, topping $550 a share. the previous high was set back in 2007. rough day for facebook
the jets and steelers. a's are set to take on the orioles and a few minutes. they are the first place in wild-card spot. yankees take on the raise in the bronx. his 39th home run of the year. fifth inning derek cheater goes up the middle rbi single yankees win 5-3 1 half game on top in american league east. the nhl headed for another block out. the current nhl agreement between the players and owners set to expire 9:00 p.m. tonight no deal expected training camp supposed to start next week but that will not happen the last lockout was 2004/2005 season which wiped out entire season. not good for nhl. >>> in the next newscast more on that, the hockey lockout has consequences in the bay area orders and canceled chefs cut back how the bay area suffers if the puck stops here that story and more at 630. don knapp is down their forests that is it for eyewitness news at 530 a thanks to in studio guest is from st. francis of assisi in concord lovely students from the third and sixth or sixth grades see you back here in half an hour. see you then goodnight. ,, [ male announcer ] it started long
. but the attention to a staff of the offense is mike wallace great catch the had the ft and the steelers went 27 to 10. the coming to open next weekend. the form that is the mines are plan would not. will the full coverage of 1130. top of the first to run shot the movie is the to do nothing of the. that's his 29th of the year. a second home run of the game orioles when 95 in the not too good on baltimore. for the american league's first wild-card spot the his arm. the rose from three back of the rangers in the west. the giants finish this week in arizona. off the center field wall that scores to and diamondbacks attitude to one lead. bottom of the fourth tied it to. that is going to clear the business into the for the pitcher. diamondbacks when the giants lead in the west remains at 7 1/2 games. of course he will see loses to stanford last night at stanford goes from 21st in the country down to no. 9. the jump 12 spots. the coach will join us at 1130. who took over for lucky imagine issues yet to fill. he then had great numbers last night but he got the winning touchdown when they had to have it
tied at 31. under a minute left craters force the steelers on drive down failed polymer to hagen there now and sea bass territory during bring on jankowski from 44 yds the kick is up the kid is good. time expires the raiders get their first win of the year. >>> i thought darren played well he is an explosive player. like you saw today it takes one crease for daring to get an opportunity to break a big run we have confidence i thought offense played outstanding >>> dennis allen's birthday yesterday the last time for the 49ers played in minnesota their the underdog and get beat by brett favre today they were the favorites jim harbaugh talked about he wanted to avoid the trap game on fourth down christian ponder fakes and rolls out kyle rudolph for the touchdown they extend the lead ponder finds nobody open but scampers 23 ers for the touchdown. a good start for ponder in the nfl in completion percentage 49ers down 17-3 at the half. they regroup, alex smith to vernon davis makes it 17-13. ponder to rudolph again, 24-13, two minutes left in the game, smith pass to crabtree off the ma
game it will be the jets at the steelers. it all begins live at noon eastern with j.b. and company on the nfl today. that's next sunday here on cbs. huge service game now from andy huge service game now from andy murray. >> fault. john: he's either going break it wide open, murray, or somehow djokovic, if he were to pull this set out from 4-0 down, that would be where murray would have an awful difficult time not thinking that he just can't get a grand slam under his belt. so somehow if he could pull back and win this set, it would almost work out better for djokovic than if he'd gotten off to a good start. he took enough high-risk strategy, it's possible. now all of a sudden he's on the side with the wind. he's got one of the two breaks back. he's got 0-30. he's got a real shot to get back on serve here. bill: two errors from murray with that 0-30 lead for with that 0-30 lead for djokovic. john: we're about to see something that seemed highly improbable a few minutes ago. the only part, bill, for murray, he's still leading but it's going to be a long change over for him at 0-40. i
the steelers this with denver, peyton manning, a division game promises to be a bar room brawl. >>> anytime you play at denver >>> went up get a w keep the momentum going >>> we have to get going. we want to continue to do that against them >>> let's go >>> glove there and have a good camp >>> with the chargers had it to hostile ground at the chiefs' this cut involve a three-way tie for first place in the west of the outside the locker room and our fifth quarter post-game show >>> check that cannot hear on cbs 5 followed by the fifth quarter it will be great. >>> getting the flu shot without getting out of the car hundreds of people take advantage of the first day of vaccination season that story at 6:30. that is it for eyewitness news see you in half an hour news updates @ cbs s f dot ,,
the steelers last sunday, many in the media are asking if backup quarterback, tim tebow, is being used enough. here with his take is the espn analyst, stephen a. smith. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth, it's good to see you, brother. >> great to have you here. stephen, jets quarterback mark sanchez had a terrible game last sunday going 10 for 27, yet tim tebow played only three downs. do you agree it's time for tebow to play a bigger role? >> well, seth, i respect you, but you're talking junk, okay? and this is a tough one for me, seth, because i know tim tebow. he is a good man. but, tim tebow does not have the accuracy to be a quarterback in the national football league. and his very presence on the roster is ripping the jets apart. >> i don't know if that's true. i mean, starting quarterback, mark sanchez, has been very vocal in his support of tebow. >> seth, please. i know mark sanchez. mark sanchez is a close personal friend of mine. mark sanchez and i talk every night before bed. [ laughter ] so i can tell you that with no uncertainty that mark sanchez believes tim tebow is more dangerou
in peyton manning's career. the steelers, though, eventually retake the lead. in the fourth quarter, manning going to find his former colts' teammate jacob tamme. denver goes up three. steelers down six with two to play. ben roethlisberger trying to make something happen. but he is picked off by tracy porter. he takes it all the way for the pick six. that seals the win for the broncos. they get their first win of the peyton manning era in denver, 31-19. broncos. >>> top pick andrew luck, manning's replacement in indianapolis, making his first nfl start against the bears. there were more than a few growing pains. luck in the red zone trying to find reggie wayne for the score. pass is tipped off. one of three interceptions thrown on the day by luck. colts lose andrew luck's debut in a rout, 41-21. >>> robert griffin iii, rg3, one of a record five rookie quarterbacks starting week one. he made it look easy against the saints. first quarter, hits pierre garcon. nice grab. and he is gone. 88 yards for the touchdown. rg3, his first career touchdown pass. he throws for two scores, 320 yards, leadin
! uneventful this time around, if you remember what happened last year. >>> jets taking on the steelers. third quarter, ben roethlisberger buys a little time, back shoulder to mike wallace, 37 yards. steelers dominate the jets, 27-10. mark sanchez comes down from his good week one performance, went 10 of 27 for 138 yards in pittsburgh. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," protests in the streets of afghanistan. a vicious round of insider attacks there on u.s. and nato troops. we'll have the latest at the top of the hour. >>> and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to get our first look at the new president. fred armisen, it turns out, a one-termer. you'll see the new president obama when "way too early" comes right back. ple belief that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherev
. after a blow to his head left him unconscious. happened during the 4th quarter against the steelers. the wide receiver took a helmet to helmet hit. as he was carted off the field, he was able to lift his arm and give a thumbs up. fred will have much more on the injury. and also have highlights of that game a little bit later in sports wrap. also have reaction from the 49ers after their loss today to minnesota. >> chevron is reportedly facing a criminal investigation over alleged deception that carried out at troubled richmond refinery. the environmental protection agency wants to know if the oil giant tried to sidestep air pollution procedures. >> if you can't trust the person to do what they are supposed to do. >> richmond is still reeling from the explosion of a core oweded pipe. >> it's serious again whether it's intentional or negligent. >> this super advisor is angry over flaring. it's a pressure release part of refining oil and since 2005 a process measured and recorded. but not this time. >> they had to actually turn a valve to open it up. >> at chevron, inspectors found a by
the steelers which is always a black and blue contest in this rivalry that goes back to the 1970s had another classic match up in the black hole. mcfaden finally breaks one. he finds the seem and he's gone 64 yards and ran for 113. raiders were down 17-14 at the half. hayward bay was hammered and knocked out and gave a thumbs up as he was sent to the hospital with a neck injury. he will remain overnight for observations. carson palmer finds moore and three td passes on the day. raiders trail by three and time winding down. 43-yard game winning field goal and good. raiders win it 34-31 the final. >> it is a great feeling, but i tell you what, i am so proud of those guys in that locker room, the way they fought for 60 minutes. we knew it would be a 60-minute fight against a very good football team we played today. they fought up until the very end and we were fortunate to come out on top. >>> a day after clinching the national league west, the giants come back to earth against san diego and the a's prevent a sweep in new york. >>> the day after you clinch a playoff birth would be a let down and
-13 the final. both teams are now 2 and one. raiders hosting the steelers which is always a black and blue contest in this rivalry that goes back to the 1970s had another classic match up in the black hole. mcfaden finally breaks one. he finds the seem and he's gone 64 yards and ran for 113. raiders were down 17-14 at the half. hayward bay was hammered and knocked out and gave a thumbs up as he was sent to the hospital with a neck injury. he will remain overnight for observations. carson palmer finds moore and three td passes on the day. raiders trail by three and time winding down. 43-yard game winning field goal and good. raiders win it 34-31 the final. >> it is a great feeling, but i tell you what, i am so proud of those guys in that locker room, the way they fought for 60 minutes. we knew it would be a 60-minute fight against a very good football team we played today. they fought up until the very end and we were fortunate to come out on top. >>> a day after clinching the national league west, the giants come back to earth against san diego and the a's prevent a sweep in new york. [ fe
.m. the ravens can take early control of the afb north because the broncos beat the pittsburgh steelers. peyton manning. first quarter. he showed no effects from the injury. a touchdown there. denver down 13-7. this was the guy at the took a pass from tim tebow and beat the steelers in the playoffs. he scores again. peyton manning with another touchdown. ben roethlisberger threw an interception to tracy porter. 43-yard return. denver wins. the debut of robert griffin iii. he was sensational yesterday. i don't know anyone that thought the redskins would win yesterday. garcon out runs patrick robinson and griffon on his game. two touchdowns. drew brees had a couple of touchdowns and some interceptions. the redskins win it. billy cundiff four for four kicking field goals. the yankees spank the birds yesterday. over 173,000 for the weekend. matt wieters off of freddy garcia. some betterment scores -- wilson betemit scores. the yankees were just getting started. the orioles throw the yankees by a game. mohammad ali was a guest of the ravens yesterday at the training complex. very inspirational. >> w
, a lot of good young players. the pittsburgh steelers, my lock of the day. bill: i like it. james: right now, it is time to check in with our "nfl today" insider. that would be jason la canfora who is standing by in our newsroom. let's get rolling with it. following all the incidents in week two, what did the nfl tell the teams and the replacement officials this week? >> j.b., it was communicated to all the teams that browbeating all the officials won't be tolerated. fines and sanctions will come if they continue. it was a major point of emphasis with the officials themselves. it's a world of alpha males. guys like cowher will push away the referee. they've got to throw the flags, eject guys if you have to that's their mandate for this week. and no progress on the negotiating front. the sides still at an impasse over pensions. james: bill cowher, an alpha male. what's the latest on the brown they scandal? >> scott panchik did not meet. -- scott fujita did not meet. they are working for to have vilma in new york the browns play thursday in new york on friday. talking to people at the leag
. manning missed a year because of neck surgery but didn't miss a beat against the steelers. toss to demarius thomas. and watch him go. 71 yards. peyton's first touchdown as a bronco. den ver woen 38-19. >>> what a debut for robert griffin iii. the rookie looked like a seasoned vet. found pierre garcon across the middle. 88 yards to the house. griffin threw a pair of touchdowns and the skins upset the saints 40-32. >>> andrew luck's debut didn't go as well. picked off three times. the bears are expecting big things out of jay cutler and brandon marshall. they got it. chicago beat indy 41-21. >>> mark sanchez didn't throw a single touchdown in the preseason because apparently he was saving it for the bills. three touchdowns. in fact, the only thing that went wrong was on the sidelines. rex ryan levelled by scott chandler. popped right back up. jets were all smiles and why not? they won it 48-28. >>> pats and titans. rob gronkowski picked up where he left off last season. new england up 21-3. but the celebration needs some work. not exactly the kind of spike he had in mind. the pats
to the broncos, and then came last night's denver opener. manning spanked the steelers, two touchdowns, including the 400 of his career. he gutted it out, old school. >>> also in sports tonight, you would be forgiven for wondering how the greats in the past were able to perform without grunting when they touched the ball. some people had to watch the women's final on mute because of the heavy noise. and tonight, nbc's chris jansen has more. >> reporter: gone were the days when this was the loudest sound at the u.s. open. decorum on the court has gone the way of tennis whites. the ear-piercing, full throated calls on the court, grunting, as even many tennis players say. >> just stop, play the game, get on with it. >> reporter: it is not entirely new. jim connors is known as the grandfather of grunts. and monica seles made noise. >> i always grunted when i was a little girl and put everything i had on the wall. >> reporter: the comments are so common, you hear them on tennis courts. others can match the pros by how they holler. this year's women champion, serena, wails, her opponent, azarenka may h
night football, the steelers versus the broncos. brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. from all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac --
is the steelers at the cowboys in december, at almost 480 bucks a pop. that's a lot of loot. >> that's before you get the snacks. another 100 bucks for the hot dogs. yeah. >>> and as fashion week kicks off here in new york, a landmark in the world of design. a federal appeals court says christian lieu bitten, can trademark the red. one judge said that distinctive red contrast is what makes the lieu bitton soles pop. i've been worried about that all month. >>> when we come back on this thursday, the plague is not history. this little girl is battling back from a case. >>> and andy roddick wraps up his pro career. it was love-love with that crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] through every sniffle, ache, and pain, she's been there. and so have walgreens' over-the-counter products. so you know you're getting something you can trust. and that's especially important now that it's your turn to be there for her. choose one hundred percent guaranteed, walgreens brand products. they're the only ones recommended by walgreens pharmacists. at the corner of happy & healthy. by walgreens pharmacists. (belhi.ings) go
tuned for the fifth quarter and the end of game 2 between the jets and steelers. more sports after the break giants and barry zito in arizona, what is going on with the a's? the,,,,,, -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business. i didn't know strawberries where in seasshh'sght now. no no no no no no.. rosco, no, no... ♪ opera love it. (crying) ally, ally oh, same dress yeah, you want to get up off the floor? i do. okay. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind it's on ebay™. >>> forget about the a's getting a wild-card they may win the entire division they get closer to the rangers on the west. 20,000 at the
, but giants won the game. the jets laid an egg in pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger let it fly. steelers made it look easy 27-10. that's the face of a football player. alex smith battered and bloody. this will make the pain go away. a touchdown to vernon davis. the 9ers caged the lions 27-19. the rookie of the year versus the mvp. cam newton got the best of drew brees. saints drop to 0-2, the panthers won it 35-27. chargers retired the honor of junior aeau. one of the coolest haircuts you will ever see. chargers beat the titans 38-10. and finally, the best tackle of the day goes to the bengals pickle. the best tackle of the day. he wrapped up trent richardson, then grabbed his shoe and chucked it. you can't play without your cleats. he can be the backup quarterback with that arm. ben gamgs won it 34-27. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> a new candidate stakes her claim to being hollywood's current bad girl. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, florida's oldest restaurant normally packs them in, but not like this. besides gr
will be used to help its canine unit. he donates money to each city the steelers visit during the season. >>> history in the making. the bay area flyover for the space shuttle endeavor is about 16 hours away. the shuttle riding piggyback arrived in california this morning. landing at edwards air force base after making a cross country trek from kennedy space center in florida. tomorrow it will fly over several bay area landmarks. mary ann favreau has more. >> reporter: people are very excited here, you can see they've already set up some chairs. but because of the big crowds expected here early tomorrow morning, most people will have to stand with their cameras ready to take a picture of history. the space shuttle program is retiring with a first ever flight over the bay area. here in mountain view, crews are preparing for thousands of visitors who are expected to flood the air field friday to see history in the air. >> we expect anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 people to come right here to moffett field. our gates will be open early. we've encouraged people to walk, bike, take light rail.
the steelers. they were inspired by marcus allen who lit the torch today. a neck injury for darius hayward bey in stable condition tonight. from jankowski 44 yds out wins it for the raiders. lots of nail biting for jim harbaugh at minnesota christian ponder fines mikhail rudolph for the games score ponder had three touchdowns. 49ers lose to the vikings' 24-13 alex through his first interception of the season. a's and yankees at the bronx, the a's win 5-4. huge win for them. giants and padre's after san francisco clenches the division. san diego win 6-3 marty lurie tonight on game day breaks down what the giants postseason rotation should be >>> barry zito pitched well still be on the roster he was not even on the roster to years ago. >>> darius hayward bey well the get an update? >>> yes the coach as a news conference tomorrow will find out. that happened to him last year in minnesota he was carted off the field and gave the thumbs-up you wonder how many times can one player taking its >>> will see you at 11 on cb
in another. vikings pulled off the upset of the day. the raiders stunned the steelers, scored 14 unanswered in the fourth. janikowski drilled a field goal as time expired. raiders won it 34-31. an emotional game for torrey smith. he lost his brother in a motorcycle accident on saturday. honored him with two touchdowns against new england. this went down to the wire. the pats were up two. got it by the slimmest of margins. bill belichick was livid. thought the referees blew the call. ravens walked off with a 31-30 win. you can start calling denny hamlin the babe ruth of nascar. he called his shot guaranteed via twitter and went on to take the checker. you want to see what $11.4 million looks like? brandt snedeker's chip shot on 17 all by sealed the tour championship. that is worth $1. million. he also banked an extra $10 million for winning the fedexcup championship. not a bad day at the office for brandt snedeker. that's your "first look" at sports. i'm fred roggin. >>> here's nbc's meteorologist bill karins. >> $11 million. >> for playing golf. >> four days. >> wow. must be nice. >> pay me
of touchdowns, ran in another. vikings pulled off the upset of the day. the raiders stunned the steelers, scored 14 unanswered in the fourth. janikowski drilled a field goal as time expired. raiders won 43-41. an emotional game for torrey smith. he lost his brother in a motorcycle accident on saturday. honored him with two touchdowns against new england. this one down to the pyre. the pats were up two. justin tucker from 20 yards out got it by the limbest of margins. bill belichick was livid. ravens walked off with a 31-30 win. you can start calling denny hamlin the babe ruth of nascar. he called his shot guaranteed via twitter and went on to take the checkered flag in new hampshire. you want to see what $11.4 million looks like? brandt snedeker's chip shot on 17 all by sealed the tour championship. that is worth $1.4 million. he also banked an extra $10 million for winning the fedexcup championship. not a bad day at the office for brandt snedeker. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> it was a photo finish at the box office this weekend. your early morning ente
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